Background and general information

The site includes:

  1. Information and tools for trade union safety reps and members about reducing and eliminating exposure to toxic substances at work

  2. Legal information about COSHH, HASWA and other relevant legislation

  3. Summary of what is happening at national and international level

  4. Examples of good practice and case studies

  5. Links to reputable sources of information and advice

  6. A priority list of most common problems

  7. Tools for safety reps to use in their workplace on the principles of TUR

  8. A UK and international network of best TUR information and practice

  9. Gender and sex specific information

Special thanks to all the health and safety experts and activists who have been campaigning with and supporting workers over the years. A lot of information hasn't been and still isn't easily available for workers to access and many workers have been exposed, made ill and died from exposure to toxic and hazardous substances, without any compensation or any legal redress.

I would like to especially mention the work of Rory O'Neill (Hazards Magazine) who consistently publishes useful and important information about chemicals and hazardous substances and champions workers protection at international level. Many of the pictures on this website are reproduced from The Hazards Magazine - which exists through trade union and individual subscriptions (please subscribe).

I would also commend the work of Hilda Palmer Health and Safety Campaigner at GMHC, and Prof. Andrew Watterson from Stirling University and his work on Toxic Use Reduction, Helen Lynn WEN and also thank others for their contributions and support - Paul Holleran GMB NW&I Education and Health and Safety officer. Finally the support of the GMHC Management Committee and the Hazards Trust trustees.

The website is a work in progress and it will be updated regularly to reflect progress and include new information.

If anyone has any comments on the website please contact

B - Background and general information:

  1. What is the background?

  2. Why have we created this website?

  3. Report on the conference

  4. What do safety reps and workers say?

  5. What is happening now we are no longer in Europe?

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